Artist of the month : Marc Brees (march 2022)

Artist of the month : Marc Brees (march 2022)

Artwork : "Auto-défense" 

"Le réveil de l’Empire.

Lentement la bête se réveille.

Lentement elle trace les limites de son Empire vers l’infini.

Lentement elle se «tentacules» pour mieux nous broyer."


Marc Brees was born in Brussels.

His career started with political cartooning followed by theater scenery, the motivating world of wall paper to end up in the advertising business.

The titles of his artworks are often symbolic, in the form of riddles completing the initial creative process and allowing, most often, the "decryption" of his work.

His surrealist and related works translate themes such as life, love, nature and death. Doubts are everywhere, but hope gives life. Most of his canvases tell a story.


Artwork : "Never surrender"


Artwork : "La pudeur de l'homme invisible"


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