Artist of the month : Veerle Verhoeven (march 2023)

Artist of the month : Veerle Verhoeven (march 2023)

Artwork : "Connection" (ceramic sculpture)


Veerle Verhoeven is an artist from Lennik who specializes in ceramic sculptures of faces or interacting persons.

You always get a good vibe looking at her work.

With the series "Good morning" and "Connection" she tries to form a warm counterweight to the sometimes strange world in which we live. Mimicry and expressiveness are very important in her work.

What started more than 35 years ago with a pot-turning course has grown into a true passion for ceramics. After training at the academy of Halle and numerous other courses and internships, ceramics has become an important part of her life. In 2000, she founded Atelier Artefact where you now can follow workshops.


Artwork : "Connecting - Louis and René" (ceramic sculpture)


Artwork : "Good morning - Franz" (ceramic sculpture)


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