Els Devrieze - Bodies of water - Marlène D. (august, 2021)

Els Devrieze - Bodies of water -  Marlène D. (august, 2021)
Bodies of water - Marlène Dietrich (Els Devrieze)

"Bodies of water" is a series of paintings about women symbolized as water. Why water? To begin with from an ecological point of view, our waters, seas, oceans, are in distress. They are being suffocated by plastic and pollution. Water is the most magical element on earth. It exists as solid, liquid and gas. Water is life, fertility. All the water on earth has been here since the beginning. Water can be soft and offer redemption, but it can also be a destructive force of nature that nothing can match. 

The artist has chosen admirable women from history who have fought for their "right" to exist. This artworks was named Marlene D.

Marlene Dietrich, the Hollywood actress, wore trousers and men's suits at a time when it was considered extremely scandalous and taboo; both on-screen and privately. In the 1930s, she was nearly arrested for wearing pants in public. She was clearly swimming against the current.

-Acryl on canvas, 50x60cm
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