Artist of the month : Wilfried Jacops (june 2023)

Artist of the month : Wilfried Jacops (june 2023)

Artwork : "Wordless love" (scuplture in albast)


Wilfried Jacops is a Belgian sculptor who was born in Aalst and worked as a stone sculptor from 1979 to 1991, where he contributed to the restoration of several historical buildings in Brussels and Dendermonde .

Since 1992, he has been an independent sculptor, creating figurative works in various types of stone using the taille-directe technique.

He is mainly inspired by themes of origin, growth and birth.

Wilfried Jacops likes to work with hands as symbolic carriers, receivers, givers or protectors and with the sun as an energetic source.

He has a studio and a sculpture garden in Lebbeke, where he exhibits his works.


Artwork : "What tomorrow brings" (sculpture in arduin)


Artwork : "Source of origin" (sculpture in arduin)


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