Artist of the month : Reinhilde Aerts (february 2023)

Artist of the month : Reinhilde Aerts (february 2023)

Artwork : "Sadness" (acryl on canvas)


Reinhilde Aerts started rather late with drawing and painting.

She followed courses at the Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent. Now she’s in her fourth year crossover, a direction that combines drawing and painting. Looking at her amazing paintings, one can only wonder why she did not started earlier.

The work of Reinhilde Aerts is figurative.

She is inspired by images that move her or trigger her emotions. The paintings often show people struggling with life. Remarkable is the way the people in her paintings almost seem to look you right in the eyes.

Reinhilde Aerts : “I have exhibited a few times in the past, but actually I am someone who prefers to work in silence. The satisfaction of creating something of your own is the most important thing.”


Artwork : "Dream" (acryl on canvas)


Artwork : "Nakedness" (acryl on canvas)


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