Artist of the month : Freddy Seynhaeve (july 2022)

Artist of the month : Freddy Seynhaeve (july 2022)

Artwork : "Looking out" ( mixed media epoxyink on canvas)


Freddy Seynhaeve is an instinctive artist who immortalizes his thinking and dreamworld in his work. He combines an uncontrollable artistic urge with an unmistakably great talent for use of color and creating atmosphere. He is the living proof that there is still a lot of talent to discover in Belgium.

His subjects often contain a certain sensuality and seduction.

Artwork : "Windy" (mixed media on canvas)

In his works he lets one particular color dominate, which evokes a mystical feeling and creates the atmosphere that is so typical for his works. The color contrasts are absolutely no coincidence, one simply feels that this has been thought through instinctively.

Artwork : "Last sigaret" (mixed media epoxyink on canvas)


Artwork : "Lady in red" (mixed media epoxyink on canvas)


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