Artist of the month : Leen Vereecken (july 2021)

Artist of the month : Leen Vereecken (july 2021)


Leen Vereecken : artist of the month july 2021


Exhibition (28/08/2021 - 29/08/2021) : Nerenweg 3, 9270 Kalken - saturday 13h-22h, sunday 10h-18h


Leen Vereecken is a 37 year old artist from Laarne. From a very young age she has been completely fascinated by drawing and painting.

She now practices different disciplines and styles but is specialised in portraying and depicting unique people with their own feelings, looks, appearances and emotions.

She has developed her own unique technique. Her works are made with Rembrandt soft pastels on wallpaper.

She is always bursting with creativity!

Some of her works are a little bit naughty, even exciting but never over the top.


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