Daydreams and hallucinations (2023)
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One day while looking at the trunk of a cut tree, my mind is transported elsewhere. When an old tree talks about its past life, you meet the wind, the forest and the birds of the world! The tree tells a story about the passing of time, about nature and about life. The tree is the king of the plant kingdom to which man often compares himself. Man lends the tree his passions, his desires, his melancholy, and embodies the link between the world of the gods and the lower world, where humans live, and even the underground world where it sinks its roots. It unites the spiritual world (vertical) with horizontal materiality: man is at the intersection of these axes.
Category Paintings
Subcategory Acryl on canvas
Location 6717 Parette
Dimensions (w x h x d) 100 x 80 x 1.8 cm
Product Code BA2991678717150
Digital license for sale No