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When you choose the subscription “Artist”, you can place a maximum of 50 artworks in your portfolio, of which you can indicate 5 that will also appear in the search function of the overview of the artworks. In this way we can limit the total number of artworks that appear in the overview of the artworks and it remains really practical for the art lovers who visit the website. Each artist shows his 5 best artworks!

Different numbers apply to art galleries and art lovers. See the overview below.

We have limited the number of artworks that an art lover can sell to 3 artworks. In this way, an art lover has the opportunity to sell an artwork that he no longer likes, but the focus of our website remains mainly on the artists and art galleries.

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Subscription selling 'art collector'


Sell up to 3 artworks at the same time. No commissions charged!

These artworks will appear in the search function of the artworks.

Reach a large group of Belgian art lovers at a very low cost.

Not for artists!

Subscription artist


Place up to 50 artworks in your portfolio.

Select up to 5 artworks that appear in the search function of the artworks .

Promote 1 artwork.

Free announcement of exhibitions.

Announcement as a new artist on our facebook and instagram

Annual subscription for art organizations


For museums, art galleries, art auctions, art taxation and insurance, art transport and sales of equipments for artists.

Presentation of your art organization, contact details and visualisation on the map of Belgium

Access to advertising banners

Also for ART GALLERIES that want to be present on the website without posting artworks!

Free announcement of exhibitions.

Price tax not included

Subscription gallery for selling art galleries


Place up to 150 artworks in your portfolio.

Select up to 30 artworks that appear in the search function of the artworks.

Promote 5 artworks.

Free announcement of exhibitions.

Access to advertising banners

Announcement as new art gallery on facebook and instagram

Price tax not included