Lyudmyla Voloshyna
Member since 2021

Artist Lyudmyla Voloshyna creaters nature studies that are lush,layered and full of movement. Voloshyna paints watercolors of plants and animals, placing herself firmly among nature as an observer who belongs. A flowering bush, a galloping horse, or a frog peeking at the viewer rfom behind a leaf is portrayed with great care and elegance. Voloshyna also paints compositions that are more traditional landscapes, but even those are more intimate scenes, showing a single boat at sea or a flock of birds.

Voloshyna uses watercolor to the fuul potential of its unique properties. She allows light to enhance every composition by using the reflective qualities of both blank white paper and transparent watercolor washes. Her paintings dance across the page, as she achieves rich, jewel-like colors that elevate the image. Voloshyna paints images that are, simply, beatiful in the classic sense.

Voloshyna was born in Ukraine, and today lives in Belgium, where she spent many yars studying art. She is also accomplished in ceramics and calligraphy.