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Sewing machine Singer (2022)
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The sewing machine was invented in 1830. Isaac Merrit Singer developed the household sewing machine beginning in 1851. Singer machines dominated the world market until World War II. My paternal grandmother, a seamstress by trade, used a sewing machine as shown here. It was a pedal machine. The "furniture" included 2 pull-out drawers installed on either side under the worktop and a rocking drawer in the center where the spare bobbins were placed (small spool placed under the needle which unwinds the thread from the below). This machine was very solid and the needle made it easy to sew the fabric. A rotational movement leading to a vertical movement itself generating the rotary movements of the thread spool and the bobbin. Drawing with colored pencils on A3 sheet.
Category Drawings
Subcategory Pencil
Location 6990 Hotton
Dimensions (w x h x d) 40 x 28 cm
Product Code BA4811645286685
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