Artist of the month : Ralph Spegelaere (august 2022)

Artist of the month : Ralph Spegelaere (august 2022)

Artwork : "Le jardin de Jimmy" (oil on canvas)


In March 2020, following a major health problem, Mr. Spegelaere found himself confined to his home for several months. At his disposal he had an easel, some canvases, tubes of oil paint and a little free space. This material, which he had underused 17 years earlier when he was attending the Fine Arts Academy in Mouscron, has arrived timely !

He wanted and NEEDED to create, DARING this time, without fear of error. Life is too short, you have to live, have fun, DARE.

Another passion in his life, philosophy! Everything is subject to philosophizing. So Mr. Spegelaere linked painting and philosophy! For each of his paintings, a philosophical file is created. "There is always a message that I try to convey, in my own way".

Artwork : "Il était une fois la Terre, l'Univers!" (oil on canvas)

Mr. Spegelaere paints a lot at night : "The big advantage is calm, tranquility, time just for yourself. The disadvantage, sometimes, is to have to retouch the colors once the light of day has arrived! These are not always pleasant surprises."

Artwork : "Oxygeni" (oil on canvas)


Artwork : "Chiara" (oil on canvas)


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