Artist of the month : Joëlle Reichling (november 2021)

Artist of the month : Joëlle Reichling (november 2021)
Artwork : "OKOM » O … comme Oser " 

Joëlle Reichling is a self-taught artist-painter from Sterrebeek.

She specialises in Pixel Art, touches of acrylic paint applied one over the other. A simple method but magical at the same time. Passionate about life and travelling, she sees herself confined at the beginning of the Corona crisis.

Today she let her brushes travel. "Les Pinceaux Voyageurs ! "

Her goal is : PAINTING, ... not expecting anything from the result ... the hand connected to the heart, happiness in the head and ... that's it! The Abstract is her domain, the place where she feels good.

She has replaced the annual trips with the discovery of a festival of colors that can illuminate the whiteness of a canvas!

Expo : Rue de l'Eglise Saint-Sulpice 21, Beauvechain (06/11-28/11) : "Fêtes de la Saint Martin 'Tourinnes-la-Grosse"



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