Artist of the month : Christel De Buyser (october 2023)

Artist of the month : Christel De Buyser (october 2023)

Artwork : "Rise and shine" (acryl on canvas)


Christel De Buyser (Chribu) is a very creative, self-made artist from Breendonk.

With a passion for creating profound paintings and giving color to the intangible, Christel strives to make the impossible possible. Her works are a true sensory experience that you can not only see but also experience.

Christel's creative journey started at a young age, when as a little girl she walked around the farm with a bucket full of painting materials. Her lifelong dedication to art and color has led her to new heights and challenges. Despite her limited energy, she volunteers for special people, including people with visual impairments, to give back to society in her own unique way.

Christel De Buyser : “Creating is not thinking in problems but in solutions. This also affects your daily life. During the workshops, the brain is stimulated to switch gears as a kind of brain exercise. These stimuli release substances in the brain, resulting in emotion and insights.”


Artwork : "Pippo's" (acryl on canvas)


Artwork : "Dare to see" (acryl on canvas)


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