Subscription plans

If you choose the subscription “Artist”, you can place up to 50 artworks in your portfolio on your page on Belgian Art. From those 50 artworks you can choose 5 artworks to appear in the overview of the artworks of all artists.

This way, we can limit the total amount of artworks in the overview and it remains practical for the art lovers that visit our website. As each artist displays his 5 best works in the overview, we can guarantee the high quality of our platform. When an art lover is interested in a certain work, he can click through to the page of the artwork and contact the artist. The art lover can also get in contact via the page of an artist.

For art galleries and art lovers that wish to sell, other numbers of artworks apply, see the overview.

We have limited the number of artworks that an art lover can sell to 3 artworks because we want the focus of this website to be on the Belgian artists rather than private sellers.

A summary of all your benefits:

  • Reach a large group of art lovers at a very low cost
  • Only Belgian artists and Belgian art galleries are allowed on our platform
  • Sell or rent out your artwork. No commissions to be paid!
  • Put an artwork in promotion and boost your sales!
  • Save on yearly maintenance costs and development costs of an own website and make from your page on Belgian Art your new website.
  • Do you already have your own website, Instagram or Facebook account? Increase the traffic to your website and social media by redirecting your audience from your page on “Belgian art” to your own social media or website.
  • Announce entirely for free your expositions and increase the number of visitors. Exhibitions are also inserted in our monthly newsletter and announced on our facebook page.

Via the following link you will find our rates for annual subscriptions: MEMBERSHIP PLANS