“Belgian Art” : a platform for Belgian artists

Are you a Belgian artist and do you dream of reaching a large audience of art lovers and become well known?

“Belgian Art” exists for all Belgian artists! On our platform, less known artists also get the chance to show their work to a large audience, everybody is welcome.


Selling and renting artwork

Via our website you can sell or rent out your artwork. When you rent out, you will make some money of it, which is better than leaving the artwork at your attic, right? Renting can also lead to sales. Why not give it a try.


No commissions to be paid!

Yes, you are reading this correctly, there are no commissions to be paid! The only contribution we ask from the artists is a small yearly subscription fee to keep our website up and running and cover our operational expenses.

For this small fee, you will reach a large group of art lovers and you will save the set up cost and the yearly maintenance cost of an own website. Do you already have a website, Instagram or Facebook account? Redirect your audience from your page on “Belgian art” to your own social media or website and let them discover your work.


Announce your expositions at our platform

The platform “Belgian Art” is about bringing together art lovers and artists. Art lovers can take contact with artists by using the contact form at the page of an artwork, by phone, by e-mail or through the link to the own website, Instagram or even Facebook of the artist.

Do not hesitate to announce your expositions on our platform and welcome your new fans. Announcing expositions is entirely free.


Yearly subscription for artists

Do you want to be part of our artist collective on Belgian Art. Discover our subscription program here : MEMBERSHIP PLANS

Interested to be “The artist of the month” or to have some of your artworks in “Artwork in the picture”, more information via this link : PAID SERVICES