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“Belgian Art” : a platform for Belgian art organizations

Increase the brand awareness of your art organization and boost traffic


As an art organization, it is often difficult to gain sufficient exposure and attract art lovers to your location. Therefore your organization has to be present in our overview of Belgian art galleries, museums and other art organizations. Thanks to our many visitors, your brand awareness will increase as well as the traffic to your website and physical location.


Art galleries, exhibition spaces or museums: contact details, geographic visualisation and announcing all your exhibits for free


We offer a subscription formula where you can be present on our web portal for only 45 €/year excl. VAT to present your art organization. Art lovers can consult your contact details and your organization is geographically displayed on the map of Belgium. Via the link to your website on your own page, you will attract more visitors to your own website!

You can also announce all your exhibitions for free on our website! These are shown geographically on the map of Belgium, this is particularly useful for the many art lovers who visit our website. In addition, you can announce 3 exhibitions on our facebook page with 4700 art lovers.

You also have access to our advertising banners such as "Art organization in the spotlight" or "Exhibition in the spotlight".

This subscription formula is for museums, exhibition spaces, art auctions, companies for art valorization and insurance of art, transport of art and sellers of supplies for artists.

This subscription is therefore also suitable for ART GALLERIES that want to be present on the website without posting artworks!


Selling art galleries: up to 150 artworks in portfolio


Our platform wants to be there for small and large Belgian galleries, which is why we keep prices low and you can already reach a large audience for a small subscription cost. A subscription as a selling art gallery costs 150€/year in the first year and 180€/year excl. VAT from the second year.

You can show up to 150 artworks on our platform and convince art lovers that your gallery is worth a visit. You can also refer to your own social media and website and thus greatly increase the traffic to your own website!

A summary of all your benefits :

-Create your own page where you can present your art gallery and place a maximum of 150 artworks in your portfolio. 

-Offer artworks for sale. There are NO COMMISSIONS to be payed! 

-Each art gallery can designate its 30 best artworks that may appear in the overview of the artworks of the different artists and art galleries active on the website.

For individual artists not affiliated with an art gallery, this is limited to their 6 best artworks. In this way, the quality of the artworks on our website is guaranteed and it remains really practical for the art lovers who visit the website as they are not overwhelmed by to many artworks.

-Announce for free all you exhibits on our website and attract additional visitors!


Do you want to be part of Belgian Art? Discover the subscription program for art galleries here. MEMBERSHIP PLANS

Interested to put one of your artists in the spotlights via “Artwork in the picture”on our home page or to announce an exposition, more information to be found via this link : PAID SERVICES