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Do you share our passion for art and do you also seek that ultimate artwork that you feel is worth to be displayed in your living room?

Through our platform of exclusively Belgian artists and Belgian galleries you will discover a large amount of Belgian art. Create an account and place the best artworks with your favorites. Find the most divine artwork and get in contact with the artist to buy, rent or make an appointment to see the artwork in real life. The artist will certainly appreciate your interest in his work.


Buy or rent an artwork or discover it in real life at the artists home

Through our platform you can take contact with an artist to buy or rent his artwork.

If you have no doubts, you can buy immediately. When you are not entirely sure, feel free to take contact with the artist to go and see the artwork in real life.

Another possibility is to rent an artwork for a certain period with the option to buy it later. This way you can be sure there is a real match between you and the artwork. Renting is also the best option for those people who like a little bit of change from time to time.

Geolocalization of Belgian artists

Maybe your favorite artist just lives nearby. By using our geolocalization tool at the overview of the artists, you can see which artists are active in your neighborhood.


Overview of Belgian art expositions

Thanks to our overview of expositions, you will always be up to date of the expositions of your favorite artists.


Discover our Belgian art galleries

How nice it is to discover art in one of our Belgian art galleries. Do you have enough time to visit them all? If not, in our overview you will find a fine selection of Belgian art galleries and you will have a first impression of what they have to offer. Do you like what you see, then do not hesitate and take contact with the gallery and go and see the artwork in real live.


Selling artwork as an art lover

If you have some artworks at home that you wish to sell, you can do it via our social media. We allow the sales of artworks by non-artists in a limited way. Interested? Contact us via the contact form.