Els Devrieze

Bodies of water part 11:JuJo (2022)
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This painting represents future generations and the future of the world and is the largest in the series because this is where our focus should be. It makes no sense to point to what has gone wrong in the past and dwell on what we could have done differently. We need to look forward and take actions NOW that can bring the near, but more importantly the far future, a better reality than what is on the table now. That is why I give the last painting one, of my daughter's pet names. Because I myself would not forget to impart the right values to her, to teach her respect for nature and for life by setting a good example myself. Because I want to show them that we can always learn from our mistakes and that we should never give up and keep trying to rectify mistakes (even if they are mistakes of previous generations) I sincerely hope that she can experience a world where humans will finally live together with nature in balance. A world with clean waters, clean air and full of life. I wish this not only for my daughter, but also for my daughter's daughter (or son) and all generations to come. Let this be the time when the tide turns.
Catégorie Peintures
Lieu 2845 Niel
Dimensions (l x h x p) 80 x 120 x 4 cm
Code produit BA2301668501998
Licence numérique à vendre Oui
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